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I am running for re-election to the Stuart Commission because I believe that the next few years will be a critical time for the City. We will face some tough decisions on how we move forward into the future. I will bring a new perspective to accomplishing that. If we are to succeed in maintaining our “old Florida charm” and quality of life but be able to move ahead with new jobs, new businesses and new residents, we can’t just continue with the same tired ideas. I have been instrumental in the development of the Triangle Property, which soon will have 49 new families living in downtown which will contribute millions of dollars to our economy including city coffers.

I have been a successful small business person my entire working life. I know what it means to invest everything you own in pursuit of a dream. I’ve worked 18 hour days to realize my goals. And I know how a bureaucratic fiat or arbitrary rule can cost a business owner.  At the same time, I know how much we need a government that will be measured in tone and live within its means. Sometimes, when you are responsible, you need to make tough choices, and I will.

Polly, my wife, and I have three grown children so I understand what it means for parents to sacrifice so that their kids have a good place to grow up. When we moved to Stuart, we became active volunteers, supporters and board members in a number of organizations such as the United Way, Building Bridges, Gertrude Walden, The Red Cross, Martin Volunteers, Treasure Coast Hospice, House of Hope, Domino’s Cat Rescue League and many others. I also belong to Stuart Main Street and the Stuart/Martin Chamber of Commerce.  I am currently a member of Stuart’s Local Planning Agency, a committee member to the City Hall Task Force and the Centennial Task Force Chairperson.

If re-elected, I will continue to be a full time commissioner with my focus on the city. I am asking you for your vote but not for a campaign contribution. I will take no money from anyone so that I will be beholding to nobody but, you, the voter. 

Stuart deserves a commission that is looking after the interest of every resident not just the interest of a few. If anything comes before the commission that I don’t sincerely believe will be beneficial for the entire community, I won’t vote for it. My position on a variety of subjects can be found on my website, Facebook page and U-Tube channel.  

 I hope I can count on your support because together we can have the kind of hometown that is the envy of all.